The Story of my Christmas 


A couple of days ago I shared on my Instagram account a moodboard where I grouped together the items that represent a story of our home this Christmas! You will see a lot of gold and a lot of stars here at the moment! Very soon after Christmas we will be celebrating Baby L's first birthday, so party prep is full on at the moment! It is also her first Christmas and we are really excited to make it super special!     The story behind my board, clockwise from top left:

  1. There is a good reason for all the stars... Baby L's party theme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! And the stars have kind of taken over Christmas too! 
  2. Just because...I have a favourite festive drink, a yummy Toffee Nut Latte! Love all about it mmmm
  3. What's so special about the letters and Christmas cards I hear you ask? Well, my family lives thousands of miles away and we never get to spend Christmas together, so they just represent the fact that even though they are so far, they are always near! This time of the year is the hardest, those whose families live far away will know! And I can't even think how hard this one will be, being little one's first Christmas and all.
  4. More stars, yep...
  5. I keep talking about it, but Baby L will be one!!! How did this happen so quick? Party decs have taken over one of my bedrooms, and isn't this cake topper to die for?
  6. The little booties have made the story of our home this Christmas because I simply cannot win the 'mummy-shoes-are-to-play-with-not-to-wear' battle! If anyone has any tips they'd be much appreciated...
  7. Stars yet again, even on food! (I did say they took over our Christmas)
  8. We love this tree and fairy lights and fun mismatching baubles! Our big tree didn't make it up this year as we chose to have a smaller tree, more fairy lights, terrariums and lanterns as features. Next year I'll be more prepared and work on some cool child-proof ornaments that will probably generate hours of entertainment. 

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