Accessorise your desk to improve productivity

After over a year of lockdown, a lot of us have had to adjust to working from home. Working from home has many advantages such as added flexibility and no commute. However, we are more likely to get distracted by our environment whilst at home due to factors such as partners also working from home, children if you're a parent, or the ever so tempting house chores amongst others. 

We've been pinning again, and we would love to share some swoonworthy work spaces, that will also improve your productivity!

First things first: if you want to be productive, your environment needs to motivate you. Personalise your desk by adding wall prints with positive messages to get you through the day, or images and a colour palette that inspire you. 

Here are some of our very own to get you inspired...






Whether it be on the wall or on your desk, make sure that you always have a planner nearby. Using a planner consistently holds you accountable to meet your deadlines and also gives you control over what you can plan to achieve, not to mention that you can also add fun things to your planner that you can look forward to, think of those as rewards after a productive day at the desk. 

Schedule your work day with our weekly desk planners to keep yourself organised!

Never miss an idea. Keep a notebook around so that you can make notes during a zoom meeting or when inspiration hits. 

We have added some of our notebooks below to help you on your search for the perfect notebook:

Ensure that you have all the office essentials needed to get your job done. And it's even better if they are colour coordinated!

We have a variety of desk accessories available, and also our very popular Stationery Subscription Box which brings a selection of paper goods and accessories to make sure you never run out of inspirational stationery! 

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