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#artinthekitchen #inthekitchen #bringyourroomtolife One of the things I love is to add wall art and features to unexpected places at home. Now think of all the time spent in the kitchen, it really does deserve the extra love and attention. That's why thinking outside the box in the kitchen really pays off. Believe me, it will make any kitchen look extra special and act as great conversation starters during those dinner parties!

At the Ideal Home Show in London in March I loved Sophie Robinson's idea of framing a set of shelves with paint to create a display. Super easy to achieve and adds a special touch. If you have the wall space, I say go for it!

DSC01696 DSC01695

You can also add wall art without drilling your walls by placing them on top on the units and leaning them against the walls. We have exceptionally high ceilings at home and it works really well.


Also you can fill any obvious gaps between units so that there is continuity, and it is visually pleasant. An uplifting message is always a good option for the kitchen!


And as a way of adding a fun feature wall in the kitchen, you can always use chalkboard paint and create a blackboard. It will definitely be noticed, and the look is very easy and affordable to achieve!

From Apartment Therapy

Have you got any features in your kitchen? Or would you add any?

Have a good week x

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