Third Wish: Small Business Day

It feels like December is flying... where have the first three days gone! 

This weekend is a pretty special one bringing 'Small Business Saturday'. Since joining Instagram and getting to know so many fabulous women working on their own businesses something clicked for me: shopping small is the way to go! You know that the products you are buying are made with love, and most often than not you get that cute 'thank you' note included that really means that you made a difference to someone! They have been so inspiring that I am now joining the club... as a small business owner. 

The support I have received so far for FREDDY & SKY has been amazing, and it is very very early days. I have put a couple of products out there already, but I have a lot more coming soon. My plans are big, and my passion even bigger.

We are passionate about creating wallpaper and homeware designs that are simple yet striking. We are strong believers that less is more, and our designs will complement your personality and help you create perfect spaces for you and your family. 

Today's wish is for our very own popular knot cushion! It is a super fun design, very comfortable and will add a touch of scandi to your decor. Great for any room! They are sold at £29.95 plus shipping, available in grey, white and blush (however I do take requests for other colours too!)

knot cushion freddy and sky knot cushion grey pink white freddy and sky

You can find them on my online store and also on my Etsy Shop along with my other products. 

Will any of these make yours or your loved ones' wish list? 

knot cushions freddy and sky



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