Throw a kids Halloween Party with #spooktacularcrafts


October is an exciting month! All that anticipation for Halloween: pumpkins out decorating family homes, costume shopping, the endless amounts of sweets we buy to make sure we don't run out when kids come out trick-or-treating (only to find that there are still two weeks left till Halloween and they're almost gone, and off we go to buy more sweets...) And then the day after Halloween, this is it... The countdown to Christmas becomes a reality, the year is almost over and then the High St, Shopping malls, every single online retailer and MY INBOX get taken over by it! 

I have to say this is all a lot more magical when you have kids, making it special to them regardless of how you do it is all that matters. Which is why this year I have decided to plan a Halloween Party for my toddler, and I have put together four fang-tastic crafts for decorating your home (or party) that are easy and fun to do (and quick, let's face it when you have a toddler around you don't have a lot of spare time!), and I also set up a boo-tiful Halloween tea table, and even had a go at cooking a spooky Hallowen meal! 

The lovely team from Viking sent me a box of stationary and crafts to get me started on this fun party prep, and from browsing Pinterest I couldn't find an all-in-one Halloween Party planning post with quick and easy crafts! So here we are, from pumpkin lanterns to cat fairy lights, the crafts you're about to see should all be done in less then ten minutes each. Which was great, as I could keep little one entertained while I was getting the party started... 

All stationary from  Viking  to get me started...  

All stationary from Viking to get me started...  


What you'll need: cotton balls, white tissue paper, scissors, fishing wire or ribbon, black marker.  

How to: cut the tissue paper to size, then wrap the cotton balls and tie with the fishing wire. Use the black marker to draw the eyes.  


You'll need: glass jars, white and orange tissue paper, glue, scissors, black marker. 

How to: cut tissue paper to size, apply glue to the jars, and then place the tissue paper on top of it until it is fully covered. Once it's dry, use the black marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth.  


You'll need: this is the quickest and easiest of all, and super cute too! All you need are clementines and a black marker. 

How to: use the marker to draw on the clementines, be as creative as you like! 


You'll need: black card paper, fairy lights, scissors, tape, ruler and a pencil to draw the cats.  

How to: draw the cats and then cut them, then you'll need to mark and cut the eyes off (I cut them into diamond shapes). Place the fairy lights and use tape on the back to hold them in place. 

With my four #spooktacularcrafts done, I then went on the set the table! 

IMG_1197.PNG IMG_1163.JPG

I served gingerbread mummies biscuits, pumpkin cakes and brigadeiro (a Brazilian recipe) which I decorated with black and orange sprinkles. To decorate the table I placed the ghost and pumpkin lanterns along with the ghosts for the garland on top of a spider web that I used as a table runner instead. I didn't want to make it too tidy as I wanted a ghostly feel to it, and I scrunched up black tissue to use as place mats for the cakes and sweets for a rough look. 

IMG_1156.JPG IMG_1159.JPG IMG_1155.JPG

I was hard to keep little hands off the table!!  

IMG_1158.JPG IMG_1181.JPG

I also completed the Halloween theme by cooking a Mexican feast by using this recipe by Everyday Jenny , I am no food blogger but it was great fun, and my Pepper-o-Lantern face didn't look as professional as hers, but it was a good attempt! Oh and it was delicious! I used the left over mixture to top nachos along with extra grated cheese... Yummy! 

IMG_1172.JPG IMG_1185.JPG IMG_1194.JPG

Have a spook-tacular good time this Halloween!

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