Unicorn Birthday Party Tips (and a bonus Hot Dog Bar!)

We love kids Birthday parties, that's actually how we socialise these days (my 25-year old self would've never imagined this!) and as an interiors stylist amongst many other things I really enjoy planning them!

A few weeks ago my youngest one turned one... The year went by way too quick, there's no doubt. Since we had a special occasion to celebrate and in turn a great excuse for a party, I decided to throw her a party and no better theme than Unicorns to use when my 3 year old is obsessed with them.

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, there is so much inspiration out there! So my challenge was to put my own stamp on a theme that's so popular with the best mix of decorations I could find and/or make. Challenge accepted... here's what it looked like: 

unicorn birthday party 2.jpg

The Table Decor

I used pink, purple and mint green as the main colours, the mint green was great to break up the pink and keep it fresh. 

  • To create the table skirt, I used strips of coloured crepe streamers cut to size and laid across the table to create this effect. It is a really affordable way to make your table stand out!
  • I then used a white table cover on top of it and started placing the sweets and favours around the table. It was fun to play around with the different heights of cake stands to create a table full of surprises. 
  • I also used props such as the house shelf, the brass letters spelling her name, and pink vases which I used to support a bouquet of marshmallows each. 
unicorn theme party girl
  • On the cake I added tall pastel candles by Talking Tables and I love how it added even more height to the 3-tier cake.
  • The sweets placed around the table are a mix of chocolate, caramel and coconut traditional Brazilian sweets which is a must-have in any of our parties. Not only they taste delicious, they are also great to decorate any table. 
unicorn theme birthday party
  • I also used macarons and my home-made peanut butter fudge to decorate the table, and the fudge also doubled up as favours as I placed them in Talking Tables cupcake holders and wrapped them in clear cellophane bags. I added custom-made stickers to make them even more special. 

The Backdrop

unicorn theme birthday party
  • I didn't want to add the typical Unicorn & Rainbows backdrop that seem to pop up a million times when you search Pinterest. Instead, I decided to create our own composition of paper garlands,  hanging fans and honeycomb decorations
  • I also used confetti balloons on either side to finish decorating the area where we placed the table. They were a big hit with the guests and also with the birthday girl! 

Unicorn Party Boxes

unicorn party boxes favour

It is tricky to make party bags original, so instead of bags this time I opted for these kids lunch boxes and used the fantastic printable from Party Delights. 

I printed and also laminated them all for a more durable finish. 

It was time consuming to cut them and as I chose a Kraft box instead of white I gave up on cutting the eyelashes (as the white around it was too obvious!). Instead, we drew the eyelashes directly on the boxes and coloured them in with a black marker.

Hot Dog Bar

hot dog party bar

What's a party without food!? The main event was a Hot Dog Bar! I'd been wanting to do one for ages so I finally nailed it. This is how I did it: 

The Hot Dog Bar prep before the party

The Hot Dog Bar prep before the party

  • I used a piece of chalk fabric cut to size to use as a base for the bar, it works perfectly as you can place whatever you want on top of It and write as much or as little as you want. All you need is a chalk pen and this one was really easy to use. 
  • The pots for the toppings and the chalk board/frame are from Ikea. I spray painted the frame to use as a chalk board for parties, and it comes in so handy! 


I hope you like our Unicorn party + Hot Dog Bar! Are you planning a party at the moment? I'd love to know about it, drop a comment below! 

*This post is not sponsored - I just wanted to share how I decorated it and help another mama throw a cute birthday party! It contains affiliate links for some of the items used.

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