Wallpaper Crush

June has been a month of ups and downs here, intense weeks and days when it was hard to focus, and at the other end of the spectrum some very special moments such as celebrating Lia turning 18 months (I'm sure half birthdays are a thing!) and her saying the words 'bubbles' and 'banana' so perfectly that makes me wanna squeeze those cute cheeks. 

It was also good for finding stunning wallpaper inspiration! I may have got a little carried away too as I've got seven rolls in two different designs delivered this week, exciting projects ahead!

Here are my top three picks this month for some inspiration...

The first one is this super cute Pretty Flamingo wallpaper. When I first saw it would have never guessed that it is by Laura Ashley. It is on sale at the moment too, so hurry up and you can get a great deal on t at only £9 per roll. 


It wouldn't be me if I wasn't talking about geometric wallpaper! I love the next one with a touch of retro, a touch of mystery. The Maze black & silver wallpaper was another unexpected find as it is from B&Q and at £16 per roll it is really affordable! 


And finally, for a super practical alternative and one that would be great if you are renting, is the peel & stick Woods Nu Wallpaper by Wall Pops! at £35 per roll. I have received an order of it this week and a project is coming up soon, I can't wait... 

Which one is your favourite?

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