Something amazing happened at the beginning of the month. I was already following Origami Est on Instagram, and when I found out that Esther was running a workshop literally fifteen minutes away from my home in Milton Keynes, I was over the moon and booked my ticket straight away.

I will be sharing all about this super inspiring workshop and the origami marbled paper lampshade I created on another post (I actually did it myself! Of course with the help of Esther's very detailed instructions... but still a proud moment!) 

What made it even more special was the location of the workshop: the Southwood Social Hub, ran by Hayley and also location of her Southwood Stores showroom. I fell in love with everything on display and I warn you interior lovers that you may not be able to leave her store without treating yourself to at least one stunning piece of Scandinavian accessory for your home.

And I wasn't... I got a few items for my home, and out of those I've picked my favourite to share with you on my #whatiwant this week! Believe me, this wasn't an easy pick, but the highlight of my shopping had to be the Helene Basket duo by House Doctor. I've always had an obsession with baskets, they're just good for everything related to organising, styling and decorating any room! And when said baskets also feature an ombre effect, it is very hard to resist...

And what's best, there are so many ways to use these ones! Here it is hanging proud from my kitchen brass utensil rack

image.jpg image.jpg

Here finishing off the look on the bookcase... 


And as a pretty pot cover for plants.


See more at Southwood Stores and share the items that will make your #whatiwant list this week!

Also, go and have a peek at Southwood Stores and Origami Est Instagram for some more inspo!  


*This is not a sponsored post, I just loved my visit to Southwood Stores and Origami Est workshop and I'll be going back for more!  

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