Will copper be big in 2017? Will green be the colour du jour? 2017 Interior Trends

A few weeks ago i was asked by INCREATION to write about luxury interior trends for 2017. I was happy to contribute as being as interiors obsessed as I am I just can't help but always be looking for anything that is new in the interior and home decor world! I love keeping in touch with bloggers and experts, sharing with you what is up and coming or any new hot brands to watch. So I have made my predictions on 2017 Trends. I'm in no way claiming to be an expert on trends and most of the time I actually stick to what i love rather than buying into every new trend, but i have enjoyed taking my guess...  

Firstly, in 2017 we will continue to seek serenity and balance from our homes to offset the overwhelming digital lives we all can't afford to survive without. One of the top trends will be the use of raw and rustic materials to bring nature in, cork being one of them and we will see it in many creative ways from covering walls to decor accessories.

This is something we have seen quite a lot recently and it will gain momentum next year with more and more brands embracing the 'Bring nature in' vibe. 

I also predict that blush pink will continue strong alongside peach and coral tones. Think pretty pastels, which can be combined with light or deep shades. For deep luxe interiors with impact try pairing them with indigo blue or emerald green. For a more understated look, use neutral grey or white.

This one that I am really hoping will stick around for a long time! I have always loved blush (it was actually one of my wedding colours!) and I can't deny that I am loving the endless variety of blush accessories, furniture, homewares all around us! Having said that - emerald green is one to watch! 

blush living room
Finally, brass and gold will continue strong and this time won't be sharing the spotlight with other metallics, taking centre stage while copper will loose momentum.

Think brass fixtures, sinks, pendants, accessories, bar carts, frames and furniture details! 

living room brass

As much fun as it is predicting trends, my recommendation would always be...


knot cushion blush

Exactly the same as you would do when it comes to fashion - if you love an outfit but it doesn't match your shape and/or personality, then pass and stick to what makes you feel and look good. 

Put your personality and taste before trends to make a home that you'll love for years to come. And if you love a trend, by all means MAKE THE MOST OF IT  (like me and the blush trend!)

How about you? Are you connecting with any trends right now or up and coming ones? Leave a comment below :) 

And if you fancy reading the full article, here it is: 19 Interior Design Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Luxury Interior Design Trends for 2017








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