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10 Most Recent Additions to our Home!

We are talking about home decor here... Last month I was really inspired to accessorise some of our rooms and I got a few new items for our home, some for pure décor purposes, some with practical uses, and some just because they looked cool. Why not? And ok, the amount of emails I got to browse the sale offers in July along with new collections was unbelievable... and tempting. So here we go, my 10 most recent additions: The tea light holders below are a H&M find and the colours go so well in our guest bedroom (which is an ongoing project at the moment!). I've added battery operated faux candles, as they are safer around babies (still not quite baby-friendly though) I...

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Wallpaper is not just for walls: a wardrobe project!

This time last year I had the most exciting project to date ahead of me. I was expecting our first baby, a little girl, and a total life change was ahead of us! So this project was also a very personal one: to design and set up her nursery! My home office was about to become her safe haven, so I had to start making some decisions! The first one being that I did not like the shop bought baby furniture you find in most baby & child stores around. It was something about either the curved childish shapes or the boxy square standard set of units that didn't do it for me. So with the exception of her cot, I started adapting......

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A very easy way to customise a picture frame

I am always looking for affordable ways to customise my home décor items to get away from the shop bought look. It always helps to keep any left over décor materials that you've had from previous projects, with a good imagination they can always come in handy. In this case I have used some white textured (and paintable) wallpaper I had left over from customising my daughter's wardrobe to create a bespoke picture frame. This is the final result, I love the black & white effect, the textured frame and how the small photo becomes the focal point within the large frame! Scroll down to see how you can do the same in a few easy steps. I have started with a plain...

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